Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Children in Need!

As a school we took part in Children in Need.

We came into school wearing something spotty!

The whole school dressed in something spotty including the teachers!

As a school we raised...

Thank you to everyone who donated!  

School Council

Here we have the new school council members!

The Titanic

In Art we have been working on building the Titanic.

We made it out of cardboard, tissue paper, glue, sticky tape, cotton wool, paint and cardboard. 

We have been doing this project for a few weeks now and it is nearly finished! 

We have recently created small peg people to go with the Titanic. We dressed these people in class appropriate outfits. For example; someone in 1st class would have worn something sparkly and expensive. Whereas someone from 3rd class would have worn dull coloured clothes and clothes that cost nothing at all. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

FILM CLUB 1.12.17

Friday 1st December The Friends of Northrepps Primary School and Pre-school are hosting Film Club.

The film they have chosen is: 


The cost of this will be £2.50

It starts at 3:15 and finishes at 5:00pm

Friday, 17 November 2017

Pizza Express 07.11.17

On Tuesday Acorn went to The Forum in Norwich and went to Pizza Express.

We were all very excited for our trip to Norwich.

When we arrived we were greeted by the manager of the restaurant.

She told us what we were going to do during our time there and gave us paper hats and plastic aprons to wear. We looked like real chefs.

We were shown some dough and had to guess what ingredients were in the dough. We guessed them all apart from yeast.

We got to touch the dough to see what it felt like.

 We got given pizza dough and had to make our own crusts using our fingers.

We got given a small amount of Passata. We had to spread it around the dough to make our base. 

We then got to add our toppings. The options we had were mushrooms, pepperoni, ham, cheese and red onion.

We got told we weren't allowed to add too many toppings as this would make the dough soggy and wouldn't cook properly. 

After we added the toppings we wrote our names on a piece of paper (this was so we knew which pizza belonged to who) we then put the pizza in the oven to cook.

Whilst we waited for the pizza to cook we got asked if we wanted to try some kappers. Some of us tried them and some of us didn't. It smelt like fish and tasted very salty but most of us enjoyed it. 

Next, we got asked if we wanted to try some hot chili.  Only a few of us were brave enough to try them. The lady brought us milk and water to have after as she said some of them were hot!

We had such a lovely time at Pizza Express and our pizza tasted so yummy.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Stay, play & stick in Acorn!

This afternoon at 2:45 Acorn are hosting a Stay, Play & Stick session!

This gives the children's parents a chance to see what they get up to in class. There will be lots of different activities to do! 

We are so excited and can't wait to see lots of parents come to play. 

Friday, 29 September 2017

Class trip to Time and Tide museum - 19.09.2017

Acorn class went on a school trip. The first one of the school year. We went to Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth.

In class we have been learning about RMS Titanic.

When we got to the museum we were taken up to a room where we were given tickets. We were told the tickets were our boarding passes to the Titanic so we must kept them safe.

On the ticket it had the persons name, their age, what their nationality is and which class they would be in. For example; first class, second class or third class.

We got a visit from a lady who was also about to board the Titanic with us. Her name was Ida Straus. Ida had her maid with her who was called Ellen Bird. Mrs Straus was a very posh lady and was in first class when on the Titanic.

Mrs Straus was telling her maid Ellen to go and lay the table ready for dinner.

We wanted to see how Ellen got the table ready in first class and what it is like to be in first class.

They had very nice plates and cutlery in first class especially compared to first class. In first class it was very basic.

When laying the table for the people in first class maths was included. The plate needed to be 2cm away from the edge of the table. So we needed to get a ruler and measure it.

We had to then place the knives and forks 1cm away from the plate. All of the different forks on one side and the knives and spoon on the other side.

Everyone was given a template on what needed to be where and we had to compare the template to ours.

Mrs Straus came in to see how we were getting on and if we had finished laying the table as she was getting very hungry.

Ellen asked if someone could pull out Mrs Straus' chair for her when she was about to sit down and push the chair back in so she's tucked in.

She said Anthony needed a little more practice as he was a little too slow in tucking her chair in for her.

Bonnie had to blow the trumpet to call for dinner. This would alert the passengers that it is time to sit down for dinner.

We learnt a dance that is done in first class. The boys had to pair up with the girls and dance with each other.

It was very fun.

We took Mrs Straus down to third class to play some games.
We had hoops and had to throw them on a stick.
 Mrs Straus didn't seem very comfortable as third class isn't as posh as first class is.

We dressed up in outfits that are from the times of Titanic

We had a great day and learnt so much.