Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sports Day 2017

We held our annual sports day on Wednesday.

We did some running races.

Here is the sports day classic - egg and spoon.

There was standing long jump.

We threw javelins.

The final race was a wet one.

We had to transport as much water as possible from one end of the course to the other using only a beaker!

There was some serious concentration.

We had a great day, we were pleased the rain went away to give us a wonderful afternoon.

Motte and Bailey Castle Art Project

In art this term we have been building a motte and bailey castle.


We used tissue paper, lolly sticks, match sticks and pine cones.

Here are some more photos of the finished art work.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Outdoor Adventurous Activity

We went to Erpingham to do spend the day together.
There were lots of activities to do.

We had to carry a full cup of water around the trim trail without spilling any.

Can we sit on each others laps?


Some of us missed!

We had to use the mats to get the team across the alligator infested river.

Houghton Hall

Last week we went to Houghton Hall, the trip was amazing and great fun.

We wrote what we could see and hear.

We walked around the stable block and made notes.

We went outside to one of the art installations for inspiration.

We looked closely at the tree stumps, James saw "eyes" in these spider webs.

We did some art based on our favourite stump.
First we chose our materials.

We experimented with our methods.

We got a bit mucky!
At the end we shared our work, we were very proud.

This is my stump and my imaginary world.

We went into the house and around the gardens.
There were more  art installations.

In the garden was a fire fountain.

It was a great day out.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Houghton Hall - Monday 10th July

On Monday Acorn Class are going on an all day trip to Houghton Hall.
Image result for houghton hall

In the morning we have an exciting workshop and will be meeting with a writer. After lunch we will be doing an Art workshop.

We will be leaving school earlier than normal start time so please bring your child to school at 8:15am.

Remember to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle.

Dress code is school uniform. Due to unknown weather forecast please bring a waterproof coat, a sun hat and sun protection just in case.

We will be returning to school for the end of the day (3:15pm).

Art - Motte and Bailey Castles

For the past few weeks in Art we have been making a Motte and Bailey Castle!

We started with just a piece of wood that was cut into a square which is our base.

We got lots of newspaper, screwed it up into a ball and stuck lots of sellotape on it. It was then painted with various shades of green to create a hill. This will be where the castle stands - on top of the hill.
The base is covered in green tissue paper to look like grass.

Displaying IMG_3585.JPGDisplaying IMG_3584.JPG

We've recently added a fence around the ground area and we also made houses out of wooden blocks. We attached sticks to the roof of the houses to made a roof effect.

Displaying IMG_3580.JPG
The boys are concentrating very hard on creating a church.

Displaying IMG_3582.JPGDisplaying IMG_3581.JPG
The girls are making houses for their village.

By the end of the lesson the children had added houses to their village.
Displaying IMG_3586.JPG

A trip to the vets

On June 28th we unfortunately had to take Rosie our guinea pig to the vets, she had hurt her leg.

We waited in the waiting room with Rosie in the carrier.

The vet looked at Rosie's leg.

She watched her walking.

The vet weighed Rosie.

Poor Rosie has got to have medicine.

Rosie is much better now.